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WISPer ventures about us

     Wisper Ventures team has been providing financing services for more than 25 years. Our understanding of early stage growth companies with recurring revenue and the Wireless Internet Service niche, has allowed us to find and finance the best in class. The team has collectively structured more than $96MM in venture debt and equipment leasing to support both organic growth and acquisitions.

    We specialize in financing small and medium sized businesses that cannot access traditional bank markets, or are too small to access institutional mezzanine debt, or equity.

    Because we know the broadband space, we can do things other lenders simply don’t understand.  Our success in the broadband market has led us to expand our footprint to other recurring revenue business models.

WISPer Ventures is a leasing company specializing in financing the Broadband Industry. Founded by managers of successful WISP’s with financial and investment banking backgrounds, WISPer offers a compelling long-term relationship for its clients, manufacturers, distributors and users of wireless technology.